Harper's Bizarre Blog

Jul 20, 2012

Picking up Steam!

We have gotten so busy with Pool stuff AND funky antiques and collectables. Everyday, new things come in the door and cool things go out. If you pass the store you will see an adorable pink plane peddle car that a young dad, expecting his first little baby girl put a down payment on. Not more than an hour later, other interested parties started dropping in and asking about the unusual pedal car. We took a few names and would have called except the young dad has routinely stopped in to make payments. It should be all paid off and out the door in time for the exciting arrival. I am requesting photos. We'll see...

The other currently traffic stopping items are the crazy orange chairs right out of the sixties or seventies. They pulled in a local Architectural and furniture connoisseur who will be picking them up soon. They were originally the property of a local Architectural icon and the new owner will maintain their original integrity with care.

We enjoy finding new homes for all the funky antiques and collectables, so if you have anything you feel someone else might appreciate more, bring it on down.