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  • Local Artist Creates these Tikis

    Each is carved from a palm tree trunk and stands about 4-5 feet tall. Stop in and check out the Eight foot Tiki!

  • Silver and silver plated pieces

  • Cactus in Bloom

  • Tillandsias are often called Air Plants

    No dirt.

  • Door Knob Plates

  • Retro Audio

  • Small White Unicorn Statuette

  • Orange Ashtray

  • Tropical Island Painting

    Gorgeous colors and deep warm hues give this tropical scene some extra appeal.

  • Orange Glass Vase

  • As Cason says,

  • Carts and more carts

    Nancy loves to find carts for the shop. There will always be carts when you stop in.

  • Euphorbia in a McCoy

  • Plenty of Old and newish paper back books

  • Aloe and sedums

  • Park Here or around back

  • Zwarktop or so..Succulent

  • Sempervivium in a Teapot

  • Mosaic Coffee Table

  • Red Round Bottom End Table

  • World War II Army Helmet

    Soldiers name and number written around inside rim.

  • The Dead Wed and loads of skulls

  • Ornate under glass top and Ornate base

  • Mosaic Jester, Acrylic Chairs

  • Ed Hardy Clock

  • Fenton Glass Shoes

  • Gottlieb Silver Slugger Baseball Pinball Machine

  • Collectible Comics and Action Figures

  • Corner of 24th St & K St in Bakersfield

  • Vintage Magazines and Comic Books

  • Howdy Doody Toy

  • Toy Universe Car

  • Toy Space Man Car Side View

  • Toy Highway Patrol Car

  • Toy Car

  • Toy Army Tank

  • Toy Tractors

  • Vintage Toys

  • Babar Children's Book

  • Used Books

  • China Cups and Saucers

  • Lit Beer Signs

    Lowenbrau Sign Light

  • Macaw Chandelier

    From Italy

  • Amber Sky Painting

  • Old Campaign Buttons

  • Fishing Lures

  • Comic Books and more Comic Books

  • Airplanes

  • Wooden Guns

  • Train Picture

  • Horse Race Artwork

  • Marbles

  • Jars of Marbles

  • Origingal Artwork

  • Firehose Nozzle

  • Metal Dinosaurs from Museum Gift Shop

  • Glass Float

  • Strange and Exotic Plants

  • Tonka Trucks

  • Adding to Inventory Daily

  • Lighted Plant Stand

  • Cat Eye Marbles and Bolders

  • Weekdays Open 9:30 Til 5:30 Open Weekends too!

  • Old National Geographic Magazines

  • Tiger's Eye Earings Non-Pierced

  • Skullptures

  • Artist Amy Kleiver Mis Communication

    Keeping this safe, so ask for help if you are after this original piece of art.

  • Rustic Stuff

  • Hanging Swag Light

  • OldTime Wash Basin on Oak Stand

  • Mr. Wizard Science Lab Set

  • Open Case Of Mr, Wizard Set

  • Skull Collection

  • Moses Lamp

  • Clipper Ship wall hanging

  • Orange County Choppers Lighter

  • Old wooden puzzles

  • Flower Cart of Tea Cart

  • Pinball backglass

  • lighter

  • Old Childrens books

  • Elephants

  • Wrench Lighter

  • Bowie Knife

  • Small Nymphe Bust

    About 4 or5 inches high