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  • This Tiki is SOLD

    Local artist

  • Many sizes and varieties of Marbles

  • A little Mosaic Mermaid

    An amazing mosaic artist created this piece especially for us.

  • Very Old Fire Screen

  • Table Top

  • Coffee or End Table

  • Orange Chairs from 60s or 70s

    Retro and cool Orange Chairs with Ottomen. The Lamp is already gone.

  • Russian Black Laquer Box

    Not sure of much except this came from a well to do lady. Of course, that doesn't tell us the value or authenticity of the box.

  • Four Danish modern teak chairs sold together. Not to be sold individually.

  • Blankets

    This blanket is gone, but we have many others still in the shop.

  • Little Plant Cart

  • Tiny Porceline dolls

  • Collectible Dolls

    Has Certificate from Marie Osmond Collection

  • Pair of Golden Pheasants

    These flew off April 2012

  • Awesome Secretary's Desk

    This gorgeous piece only stayed in the shop long enough for the first customer that walked in. Fortunately, she was a favorite. (the customer, I mean)

  • Pot Belly Stove

    Cast Iron Pot Belly Stove SOLD Jan 2012

  • Night Stands

    There was a whole set with night stands and dresser and as usual, it hung out for months and the day they left, three other purchasers came looking for them.

  • More Pinball Machines


  • Metal Picture

    Foreground is Nascar collectible cars, but picture is now SOLD Jan.2012

  • Pinball Machines

    Drove off the property on 2/25/2012 But Plenty more where that came from!

  • Coffee Table

    You went out on a coffee break and missed out on this fun piece. Jan. 2012

  • Phaff Sewing Machine Works

    This baby went for a song. Crazy what Stan lets some of this stuff go for.

  • Beautiful Wooden End Table

    Sorry, SOLD Jan. 2012

  • End Tables

    These tables were only in the shop a few days.SOLD Jan. 2012

  • Footlockers Trunks and Furniture

  • Interesting Artwork

    This one went Adios

  • Wooden Box

    You were taking a siesta when this one slipped away. Sold Jan 2012

  • Nautical Box

    This ship has sailed. Left the harbor Jan. 2012

  • Metal Cross

    Making an important statement elsewhere. It's another piece we really miss.

  • Original Artwork

    Gone. Jan. 2012

  • Antique Large Glass Wine Jug

    Gorgeous and gone. April of 2012

  • Pig with Wings

    Sorry, this one flew away!

  • Vintage Sunglasses

  • Cowboy Boot Planter

    Kick into gear and headed out the door in February 2012

  • Miller Light light

    Hiding out in some Man Cave now. We will get other beer signs because we know you like them. Keep checking back.

  • Pachinko

    This was a great purchase for a local grandmother. She takes great care of her little cherubs and wanted them to have some good old fashioned fun.

  • Old Coffee Table w Tile Inlay

    SOLD 2/27/2012

  • Scales and Glassware

    The Family Green Scale Left us, but many new ones have come through the door. Scales are very popular at our place.

  • Old Hurricane Oil Lamp

    These lamps are back in service up in Lake Isabella. Another popular item. We get these in a lot, so check in often if you are collecting Hurricane Oil Lamps.

  • Wooden Shoe Forms

    The little shelf is gone. The shoe forms might still be tip toeing around the store.

  • Little Wooden Inlay Table

    We were sad to see this lovely high quality table leave, but it is being well appreciated.

  • Horse Shoe Night Stand

    This little cutie trotted out in March

  • Mexico Picture

    Gone, South of the Border.

  • Door knob Plate

    Shown Here in it's new home. We love getting photos. Thanks!